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A Slight Change of Topic: My experience at an Indian wedding

Today I had the opportunity to take part in a traditional Indian wedding. I was able to see the different and vital roles that friends and family take, all while learning about some Indian traditions. The wedding ceremony started early … Continue reading

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Can’t Escape: Apple and Google are trying to keep you in their universe.

Mobile phones are constantly becoming more powerful. There are also tablets, wearables, and media streaming devices which now interact with one another. While these devices are opening up the possibilities of how we use mobile technology, the branding and compatibility … Continue reading

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It’s Hip To Be Square: Smartphone Screen Sizes and Shapes are Changing

In the hopes of reviving a once incredibly popular brand, BlackBerry has announced its release on their new Passport phone. The new BlackBerry touts its classic tactile keyboard style, but more importantly it also a increases the screen to a … Continue reading

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Tech Blog: Your Personal Area Network is Growing

My beat for this semester will be focused on hi-tech devices that are increasingly used on an everyday basis. This will include mobile phones, tablets, wearables, and other gadgets that are becoming important in our everyday lives. While I do … Continue reading

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Ink is Out of Style: But What Will We Wrap Fish In Now?

There is a seemingly varied tone used by different journalists regarding the future of newspapers and news media. Frank Rose’s article in Wired takes an optimistic approach to where news could go with the advent of smartphone and tablet use … Continue reading

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