Tech Blog: Your Personal Area Network is Growing

My beat for this semester will be focused on hi-tech devices that are increasingly used on an everyday basis. This will include mobile phones, tablets, wearables, and other gadgets that are becoming important in our everyday lives. While I do intend to keep an ear to the ground about the rumblings of new product and software launches (along with some mild reviewing of them), I am hopeful that this blog will also address the changes we are facing as individuals, and society. Even some of the most basic tasks such as checking a weather report have shifted. I want not only to write about new media people are using for obtaining daily and weekly forecasts, but how that has changed our daily routine and created (in)efficiencies.

Some of the sources I intend to use will include large technology news and blogs such as Gizmodo, Wired, TechCrunch, and Engadget. I also would like to follow some large news outlets technology sections such as The New York Times Technology page and CNN Tech. Lastly, I am hoping to follow some smaller and more focused mobile tech blogs and news sites such as Android Police, Apple Insider, and Tab Times.

My goal in writing this beat and following this topic is to gain a better understanding of how our entire way of life has been changed, how productivity and efficiency have repeatedly been redefined by new uses of technology, and how the reach of technology is beginning to see no bounds, with simple objects such as watches becoming small extensions of our digital selves.

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