Snowball: One App to Notify Them All

There’s a new way to view your notifications all in one nicely laid out easy-to-use window. The application is called Snowball, and launched for Android today (Sorry iOS users). According to TechCrunch’s article, the application actually pulls the notifications from the OS, and this functionality wouldn’t work with iOS currently (not that much is working well for iOS8 users these days).

The application compiles messages from various messaging apps such as Facebook, WhatsApp, SMS, SnapChat, and Google Hangouts. It then sends push notifications to your phone and displays all of the messages you’ve received in the order in which they were received. With the large variety of ways in which mobile users are communicating with one another, this is a great way to organize all of it into one streamlined view.

This idea is very similar to BlackBerry’s ‘Hub’, which is found on their BlackBerry OS10 phones. Being a former BlackBerry user, the Hub is one of the things that I missed the most when I switched over to Android (that and the incredible tactile keyboard). Though Snowball is in its Beta testing stage, if it is able to add even more applications such as e-mail and phone calls, it will be a great replacement for the Hub. Seeing as how it uses the notification center from Android, it shouldn’t be impossible for them to add these apps and features, but we’ll see how it all unravels.

Android users can find the app here on Google Play. I was one of the first few to install the app, but there are already close to 50 reviews within a few hours. Be sure to leave a review to help the developers tweak any errors.

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