Hidden Gem – Streetcar Wine & Beer

Located in the heart of Jamaica Plain, Streetcar Wine & Beer is a retailer serving the local community with a variety of craft beer and wine. Michael Dupuy conceived the idea of a niche beer and wine boutique in late 2011, and began taking steps to open the store. In July 2012, Streetcar opened its doors to the public.

Michael Dupuy is the owner of Streetcar Beer & Wine, which opened in July 2012 in the Jamaica Plain neighborhood of Boston.

Michael Dupuy is the owner of Streetcar Beer & Wine, which opened in July 2012 in the Jamaica Plain neighborhood of Boston.

The name for Streetcar comes from the old former E-line Streetcar tracks that at one time ran along Centre Street through Jamaica Plain to Forest Hills station. According to Dupuy, these railroads were not removed, but rather paved over. “Streetcar is a metaphor for what is underground.” says Dupuy, “Much of the unique flavor of wine comes from what is beneath the ground, in the soil”.

In the small shop you’ll find that many of the beers are from New England, but there are varieties from all over the world. The wines available at Streetcar are from a variety of nations and regions, as well, offering a great selection for any palate or pairing. One interesting offering from Streetcar is their Monthly Pass club. This is an opportunity for wine consumers from beginners to connoisseurs to experience different wines on a monthly basis. Members choose between 3, 6, or 12 months and 2, 4, 6, or 12 bottles per month. Streetcar Beer & WineThere is a fixed price for the varying quantities of wine received, and the wines are chosen and boxed by Streetcar. The customer can even specify if they truly dislike a particular type of wine, so that they don’t receive any bottles they wouldn’t drink. Dupuy says that Jamaica Plain is a community which is involved in their local businesses, and that people try to patron retailers and restaurants around them. This Monthly Pass club is just one way in which Streetcar is engaging with the residents of Jamaica Plain; acting as an educator and advisor for the wine and beer drinking community of JP, rather than just a retailer.

Streetcar is located at 488 Centre Street in Jamaica Plain (about a 10 min walk from Stony Brook Station) and is open Monday to Thursday 11AM – 8PM, IMG_20141118_115023Friday & Saturday 11AM – 9PM, and Sunday 12PM – 6PM.

If you’d like to learn more about Streetcar and their product offerings and events, check out their website here.

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