PlayStation is Almost Legal Drinking Age

I stumbled across this article on Engadget talking about PlayStation’s 20th birthday. In 1994, Sony launched their original PlayStation video game console. I remember owning one of these consoles when I was younger, and I recall wondering what Sony was doing in the video game business. To be fair, I was 7 when this was released and was all-too into Sonic the Hedgehog and Mario. Anything other than my experiences on Sega and Nintendo systems was downright foreign to me. Just 7 years later, Microsoft became the strange new name in video games with its release of the Xbox.

Now looking back 20 years, it’s hard to imagine a video game world without Sony. Many electronics companies tried to compete in the video game industry over the years, but not often did many succeed. In fact, even some who were notably successful saw failure (Atari, Sega). So it is indeed impressive that PlayStation has been as successful as it has for all of these years. It takes a backseat behind Nintendo in age, however. Nintendo has been part of the gaming scene since its release of the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1983 (Japan) and 1985 (US).

It will be interesting to see if all three of these companies will still be making consoles and games 10, 20, years from now and into the future.

Go to their websites to learn more about some awesome gaming!

Sony PlayStation
Microsoft Xbox

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