Google Makes Your Contacts Much Easier

Google has announced a new contact management system that will help to keep your contacts in order. It is always a pain when you’re trying to locate a specific contact on your phone or online but the contact isn’t in the list or application that you thought it was. I first came across this idea in the news, but continued on to the official Gmail blog article to learn more about it.

One feature that I really enjoy is the deletion of duplicate contacts. You’re able to harmonize a phone contact, e-mail contact, and Google Hangouts contact in a simple way. This way, it will be easier to find that specific person you’re trying to reach.


Google’s new contact layout with previous conversations

In addition to this, I quite enjoy the feature where you can look at your recent conversations, phone calls, and meetings that you’ve had with this contact. That means if you need to refresh your memory about a conversation you’ve had recently with a client before having to respond with an answer, you can. All of this creates a great experience and one that, frankly, I woud’ve expected to exist already.


For now the new Google Contacts is still in preview mode, but should be in full swing soon.

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