I, Not Robot

reCAPTCHA - Public Domain

reCAPTCHA – Public Domain

I’m sure that everyone has experienced the nuisance of having to prove they are not some sort of spamming computer by entering a code into a CAPTCHA window. It rarely seems worth it, and sometimes the little box is so scratched or grayed out that you misspell the code and have to do it all again. Well, it appears Google has decided to restructure CAPTCHA into a service called reCAPTCHA. According to TechCrunch, reCAPTCHA provides internet users with a simple check box to click that says ‘I am not a robot.’  Google also announced that they may require the user to solve an image puzzle after clicking the first box. This would be finding an image that corresponds to the given image in the reCAPTCHA box. I think that’s way less of a pain than the old version, but some users may disagree.

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