Tech Blogs I Follow

There are 4 tech-news blogs and sites that I have been using as my primary sites for information. These are Engadget, TechCrunch, CNN Tech, and Gizmodo. These sites offer a wide range of articles and information from a variety of perspectives and applications.

Engadget Logo (2013) - Public Domain

Engadget Logo (2013) – Public Domain

Engadget and TechCrunch are likely the two sites that I use the most. I find that their articles interest me and appeal to me more than any other sites. They are both sites with a wide range of topics from consumer electronics, to tech company news, to wild and amazing applications of technology in the world.

Tech Crunch Logo (2013) - Public Domain

Tech Crunch Logo (2013) – Public Domain

These sites seem to approach articles in a very readable manner, and I imagine that they are some of the top sites for a variety of different bloggers and techies. If there was a Goldilocks metaphor for tech sites, I would say that these two are ‘just right’. Not too much news, not too much consumer-leaning information.

CNN Logo - Public Domain

CNN Logo – Public Domain

CNN Tech is a very ‘newsy’ approach to tech news. To use the Goldilocks metaphor once more, this would be the bed too hard, or porridge too cold. CNN Tech is definitely a great source for seeing how the government is using technology to alleviate issues across the nation. It’s also a great source for actual performance of tech companies in the market. I find that I rarely use articles from CNN to actually write about in my blog, but that it helps me to have a more broad perspective of tech news when it comes down to writing my commentary.

Gizmodo Logo - Public Domain

Gizmodo Logo – Public Domain

Lastly, Gizmodo is a great site for anyone who is a consumer of electronics. While not entirely centered around the user experience of technology, Gizmodo’s articles are often related to consumer electronics, media, and deals. The Kinja deals section from Gizmodo is one of my favorites to check because you really can get some good deals. Unfortunately, my wallet doesn’t always agree with my logic. Gizmodo really highlights some of the best and (in my opinion) coolest nuggets across the internet. Not everything is fun and games, though, and Gizmodo definitely does have serious journalistic articles as well.

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