Google Can Re-Order Your Search Results

I stumbled across an article about Google on Engadget. It describes Google’s victory in court to arrange search results in any way that they would like to. This is a very important piece of tech news, as it affects virtually every user of Google’s search engine. Rather than showing results that are most common or similar to what a user is searching for, Google can decide to promote websites it is affiliated with, or to not promote competitors’ sites. Maybe for now this isn’t a huge deal, and who knows for how long something like this will go on. But, if this does continue for a while, we could see an even bigger divide and competition between tech users and companies. Imagine a nearly impossible scenario, where you search for a “Microsoft Help” web page and your Google results have any actual content from Microsoft listed on page 2, rather than on top of page 1. Highly unlikely, but important to think about.

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