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Google Can Re-Order Your Search Results

I stumbled across an article about Google on Engadget. It describes Google’s victory in court to arrange search results in any way that they would like to. This is a very important piece of tech news, as it affects virtually every … Continue reading

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Tech Blogs I Follow

There are 4 tech-news blogs and sites that I have been using as my primary sites for information. These are Engadget, TechCrunch, CNN Tech, and Gizmodo. These sites offer a wide range of articles and information from a variety of … Continue reading

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I, Not Robot

I’m sure that everyone has experienced the nuisance of having to prove they are not some sort of spamming computer by entering a code into a CAPTCHA window. It rarely seems worth it, and sometimes the little box is so … Continue reading

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Google Makes Your Contacts Much Easier

Google has announced a new contact management system that will help to keep your contacts in order. It is always a pain when you’re trying to locate a specific contact on your phone or online but the contact isn’t in … Continue reading

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Garmin’s New Forerunner: I don’t run, but if I did…

Garmin has announced three new exercise smartwatches in an already over-saturated market. The Forerunner 230, 235, and 630 are upgraded versions of previous Garmin models with a competitive set of new features. I’m particularly impressed by the Forerunner 630, which will appeal … Continue reading

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GrandTen Distilling: Innovative Alcohol Made in Southie

Article follows photos. Recently I had the opportunity to check out a local distillery in South Boston called GrendTen Distilling. GrandTen was an idea conceived by Matthew Nuernberger in 2011. Matt and his cousin Spencer McMinn started the venture with … Continue reading

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PlayStation is Almost Legal Drinking Age

I stumbled across this article on Engadget talking about PlayStation’s 20th birthday. In 1994, Sony launched their original PlayStation video game console. I remember owning one of these consoles when I was younger, and I recall wondering what Sony was … Continue reading

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