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Google Can Re-Order Your Search Results

I stumbled across an article about Google on Engadget. It describes Google’s victory in court to arrange search results in any way that they would like to. This is a very important piece of tech news, as it affects virtually every … Continue reading

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Tech Blogs I Follow

There are 4 tech-news blogs and sites that I have been using as my primary sites for information. These are Engadget, TechCrunch, CNN Tech, and Gizmodo. These sites offer a wide range of articles and information from a variety of … Continue reading

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Using Twitter to Follow The News

In an attempt to keep in touch with what’s happening in the technology world, I’m following a number of different news sites’ Twitter feeds. Though my RSS reader Feedly is also a top application on my phone, and I check it daily, … Continue reading

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Can’t Escape: Apple and Google are trying to keep you in their universe.

Mobile phones are constantly becoming more powerful. There are also tablets, wearables, and media streaming devices which now interact with one another. While these devices are opening up the possibilities of how we use mobile technology, the branding and compatibility … Continue reading

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Tech Blog: Your Personal Area Network is Growing

My beat for this semester will be focused on hi-tech devices that are increasingly used on an everyday basis. This will include mobile phones, tablets, wearables, and other gadgets that are becoming important in our everyday lives. While I do … Continue reading

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